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Week of 4/26/2020: Small Nature

Updated: May 1, 2020

This week we'll explore the world of small! It is easy to notice trees, birds, and other macro-nature, but how often to you observe from a bug's eye view?

Bug Trap!

Let's create a bug trap to learn more about who lives in our backyard. This super simple experiment requires only two things: a container and a hole in the ground.

My Roots Grow Down

All plants have roots, but are all roots the same? Let's dig up some roots to learn about their structure and function, compare them, and when we're done we can use them as natural paintbrushes!

While you're digging and painting, give this fantastic song a listen!

Virtual Tour of the Pond

I'll take you on a virtual tour of my neighborhood beaver pond! We'll spot invertebrates, check on the tadpoles, and see who else we notice.

These are a couple of my favorite pond field guides. I know that access to field guides is limited right now, but think about investing in these for future pond adventures.

Bug's Eye View

We'll set up a small study plot to observe the world of small! You'll need four sticks and some great owl eyes. This is one of my favorite activities to challenge little naturalists. Remember that it may take some time to encourage and inspire careful observation. Adults - don't worry about directing observations or guiding small naturalists. Let them find their own interest in the world of small and discover what is most exciting to them. Your role: be excited, listen when they share, and join in on the fun!


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