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Nature, Virtually

While nature connection in person is great, there's no reason why we can't build a little nature into our lives virtually. With health & safety concerns and learners all over the world, my virtual opportunities offer a safe and engaging way to celebrate the natural world! 

Let's build community through nature connection. 

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Nature Time with Among the Ferns

I started Nature Time with Among the Ferns at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos are designed to inspire nature connection in a silly and accessible format. 

Check out the videos by following the link below!

Thanks for being in my community!

I balance administration, community, time learning and playing outside, and other employment. I am also a Mama to a young child, whose needs and attachment are still deeply connected to me. My daughter accompanies me to (and sometimes participates in) my work and I do my best to balance meeting everyone's needs. Thank you for joining me in working towards a culture that supports and uplifts working mothers and the re-prioritization of a balanced life. 

Based in Shohola, PA


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I acknowledge that I live, work, and play on stolen land. The original peoples of what's now called Pennsylvania, as well as the rest of this continent, were wrongfully & forcibly removed from their lands. I understand that Native Americans are still here; my Host Nation peoples, the Munsee Lenape, are still here. I offer deep condolences to the past, present, and future Indigenous peoples who experienced harm at the hands of my ancestors and other colonizers and for the systemic racism they still experience today. I promise to do my best as an ally and support my Host Nation and all Indigenous peoples with my actions. I recognize this statement is just the first step and commit myself to continue to grow and work towards reparations and healing. 

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