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Falling Into Nature Connection...From Home!

Welcome back! After returning to work and then moving my family to Pennsylvania (phew!) I am finally ready to jump back into Nature Time Adventures from Home videos. Thanks to some great feedback from the Among the Ferns community these videos will focus on supplemental nature education for children learning at home (either virtually or in a homeschool program) and tips & tricks for parents/caregivers trying to build nature connection into the family routine.

So, let's kick it off as if we are diving into a school year with regular nature time. We'll start by building routine, understanding risks & hazards, and use seasonal happenings to guide our activities. Here's what you can look for this week:

Parents & Caregivers: Starting Out with Nature Connection

This video should help parents and caregivers diving into the exciting (but sometimes intimidating) world of nature based learning and play. This short video will introduce establishing your place, assessing risk & hazard, and building routine. Watch this video as you begin your own adventure.

Are You a New Naturalist?

This video is for budding naturalists! As a new naturalist we'll begin our adventure by choosing nature names and getting to know our space. Join me in celebrating your nature name, naming spaces around you, and using tools to help build your observation skills.

Rotting Log Study

Let's choose a spot to regularly study for the school year! Setting up an experimental plot in your backyard can offer a way to make nature study easy. This video is for naturalist ages 6+ and is a great way to kick off your school year.

Woolly Bear Winter

Did you know that woolly bear caterpillars predict the winter weather? Folklore says that the longer the black bands on a woolly bear, the longer and more harsh our winter will be. Let's search for woolly bears and take note of their color ratios.

Do you enjoy Nature Time Adventures from Home videos? After moving to PA I am working to build my business and offer connection opportunities to my community. If you enjoy watching these videos please consider donating to view videos early and support my work! Thank you!

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