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Week of 5/3/2020: Creatures Big and Small

Updated: May 12, 2020

This week we'll explore spring changes and the critters that live in and around my nature neighborhood! Some of the critters require keen owl eyes to spot and some of them announce their presence with a lovely song. No matter the size of the critter getting to know who lives around you is a ton of fun!

Ch-ch-ch-changes in the Nature Neighborhood

We noticed some signs of spring earlier in the season, but what changes did you notice around your nature neighborhood over the last couple of weeks? Join me for a walk in the woods to focus on the color green and notice just how much has changes over a short period of time.

While you take your own changes walk, try using the iNaturalist application to help identify what you see! Though I try to stay unplugged on my nature walks I still find this to be an incredibly useful tool to help grow my nature knowledge.

Birds of a Feather

Sometimes when I head into the woods I hear a black-capped chickadee's alarm call, other times I have the pleasure of hearing their sweet contact call. Birds have tons of different ways to communicate and is we tune in we can learn a lot. Let's learn a bit more about our backyard birds and create a craft to help protect birds this season!


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