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Fungi, Seeds, and Finding Your Rhythm

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

We're back with a new week of Nature Time Adventures from Home videos! Follow me in nature neighborhood notices and dive into some rhythm for your at-home learning.

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Fungus Among Us!

Are you noticing tons of fungi in your nature neighborhood? I see them everywhere and decided to collect some for a sort and study.

Sorting is a great activity for young children - preschool and kindergarten children build problem-solving skills through sorting (especially when they are allowed to choose the sorting categories)!

For older children, take this sort and study one step further and dive into the world of fungi and decomposition. Maybe you'll explore composting, or rotting logs, or grab a field guide and identify some local mushrooms.

Make sure you print out some pages from "Doing What Scientists Do" by Ellen Doris. I have them available on the Google Drive.


Nature Time for Caregivers: So You Want to Introduce Sit Spots and Nature Notebooks

As parents and caregivers diving into the world of homeschooling, it can feel overwhelming to incorporate deep nature connection into your curriculum. As the grown ups, our role outside it to be observers. The natural world should serve as a teacher in your nature-based learning adventures and the observations of play and learning that you make can help inform some deeper investigations, provocations, and activities.

As you build a routine and rhythm for your nature time, consider introducing sit spots and nature notebooks. These are core practices in nature connection and can become part of your families culture with a little bit of inspiration and cultivation. Do a simple Google search of "sit spot" and you'll find tons of definitions and examples of this practice. Maybe you have your own idea of what a sit spot is and should be. Put simply, a sit spot is a place you visit regularly to observe, notice, and build awareness. Bring this practice into your own life first, and then build some excitement around sit spots for your naturalists and you might be surprised by how quickly they take to this activity.

If you would like more guidance, help, assistance, etc. in bringing this practice into your child's life please reach out! I love helping families connect more deeply with nature and would be happy to consult with you. Shoot me an email at

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