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Week of 4/12/2020: Let's Experiment!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This week will be all about setting up experiments in our yards to track our nature neighborhood! Be sure to have either a camera or your nature notebook ready for observations. As always, the week's videos are subject to change.

If you haven't yet watched the nature notebook video, give it a watch here:

Who Moves In?

This experiment walks you through setting up an artificial rotting log or rock in your yard. You will need a piece of lumber, cardboard, a container lid, or some sort of platform to lay on the ground. We'll check back on this experiment throughout the week.

Be sure to share who moves in to your experiment on our Facebook page!

Bring in the Worms!

We'll use sticks to communicate with worms under the dirt! Worms respond to vibrations in the dirt - moles and other predators of worms scratch and dig, creating the vibrations that signal worms to escape. Let's experiment to see if we can bring the worms up and out!

Track Sheet

We'll set up another tracking experiment using a bed sheet (or a piece of cloth), mud, and a food source. Let's see who visits our tracking experiment this time!

Visit the NH Fish & Game site to download your own wildlife tracking card:

Sift, Sieve, and Seine

Did you know that you can make your own water sifter? This is a great experiment for the pond, river, or stream!

Use these resources to identify what you catch:


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