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Week of 4/5/2020: Invertebrates, Amphibians, and Owls..Oh My!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This week's Nature Time Adventures from Home videos feature time spent at the pond, surveys of nearby habitats, and an encounter with an owl pellet. Though much of the content that I share on this channel is based on my daily explorations, you can look for the following videos and resources this week:

Take a body radar or wander walk!

A body radar/wander walk is a great way to give each person in your group the chance to investigate, notice, and move at their own pace. These walks are simple: each person takes a turn leading the group on an adventure. You should decide in advance how much time each person will have to lead. While adventuring, the group must follow the leader in any exploration that they dive into!


Dragonfly Larvae at the Pond!

I found some dragonfly larvae at the beaver pond and brought it home to watch it go through metamorphosis. To care for a dragonfly larvae you need:

A clear, large container to serve as the aquarium

Water from the dragonfly larvae's home

Substrate (i.e. rocks, sand, whatever is in the pond)

Plants from the pond

Sticks, plant stems, etc. from the pond (*be sure these stand upright in the water, the larvae will use these to climb out of the water to metamorphose)


Owl Pellet Dissection

I'll dissect the owl pellet that I found in the woods during my body radar walk! If you need a good resource for owl pellet dissections just click here. *Please note, I do not own the rights to the bone chart.



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