Virtual Nature Club!

Next gathering:

Friday, February 5th from 5-6 pm EST

Join Among the Ferns for a virtual Nature Club event celebrating winter birds!

This event is geared towards children ages 4-6 years old, but siblings of any age are welcome to join. We will learn about common Northeast winter birds, sing songs, practice finger plays, move, and create a bird feeder together.

To participate in the bird feeder craft, your budding naturalist will need:
- Cheerios
- Pipe cleaners

The goal of this event is to celebrate our feathered friends, build connection to each other and nature, and have some fun!


I love hosting Family Nature Club events, and since we cannot host these in person, let's create and connect virtually! 

Among the Ferns will periodically host virtual Nature Club events for budding naturalists to learn, connect with peers, and create a nature-inspired craft or stewardship-based activity. Content and information will be geared towards naturalists ages 4 years - elementary school ages, but siblings of all ages are welcome. 

In order to offer a safe environment for children to learn and connect, Among the Ferns will maintain the following policies around Nature Club:

1. Only registered children can be visible on computer screens. Adults are welcome to be present and available to help their learners, but please respect the privacy of other families and do not come on screen or view the screen. 

2. Among the Ferns will screen all participants attempting to enter the Zoom call. This means that your budding naturalist should be set up and ready to go by the time you enter the Zoom meeting. 

3. Please prepare your children by reminding them that addresses and specific location information is private and should not be shared at the Nature Club gathering. I may ask naturalists "where are you tuning in from today?" and offer a reminder that we can share our country and state, but no information beyond that. 

4. This is a group experience and I will do my best to ensure that every naturalist feels heard and included in the event. However, Among the Ferns reserves the right to mute naturalists and, in the case that a naturalist is disruptive to the point of impacting other naturalists, return naturalists to the waiting room for a chance to re-set before returning to the group. 

5. Before entering the Zoom meeting, please change the display name to the names of children registered and participating in Nature Club. Among the Ferns will refuse to admit those with display names that do not match names of registered children. In this case, Among the Ferns will send a private message reminding those to change their display name before allowing entry. 

6. Among the Ferns may remove you from the Zoom class if an adult is present or if Among the Ferns determines that adult presence or behavior puts the safety of other children participants at risk. 

7. Though it is very unlikely to happen, Among the Ferns reserves the right to cancel this event within 24 hours notice. Any donations made will be fully refunded in this case. 

Upon registering you will receive a link with a breakdown of the topic/theme, materials we will need, and the Zoom call information. Naturalists are welcome to participate with the camera feature disabled, though I recommend finding a safe space to allow your naturalist to have the camera turned on. 

I offer this opportunity free of charge as a way to build connection and offer young naturalists a safe space to socialize with peers. That being said, I welcome any donation that your family is able and feels comfortable offering. All donations go to support my work offering opportunities such as this and building nature connection for the community. Thank you! 

By registering for this event you agree to the above conditions. Your agreement to participate in an online class means that you fully agree to the following:

- I hereby acknowledge the inherent risks of participating in an online Nature Club and agree to waive liability of Emily Woodmansee and Among the Ferns of any unknown, unforeseen, or unanticipated and unsuspected issues associated with my child's participation.

- I hereby absolve Emily Woodmansee and Among the Ferns LLC from any responsibility for information, content, and individuals that my child may be exposed to, or any actions learned with or by Emily Woodmansee or Among the Ferns LLC. 

- I hereby release for myself, my heirs and assigns, Emily Woodmansee and Among the Ferns LLC, from any claims, demands and causes of actions arising from my child participating in virtual Nature Club.

- By participating in this online Nature Club I am acknowledging that I am solely and personally responsible for the safety of my child in an online platform.

Agreement to this Liability Waiver will act as your continued agreement to all ensuing sessions via Zoom or other video conferencing tool. 

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