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Image by Annie Spratt

Nature is calling.

My passion is sharing my love of the natural world with kids (and their families!). Work with me to build deep and meaningful nature connection for your child and family!


Want to join a nature play and learning class or playgroup? Looking to catch me at a special event? Check out the many ways we can explore, learn, and play together in person! 


Sometimes nature connection has to be done over a screen, and that's OK. Join me for virtual events or check out my YouTube page!

Image by Irina Iriser

Coming to Shohola, PA fall 2023! Stay tuned for details and registration for Shohola's first nature-based preschool.

*Are you looking for mentorship, a guest speaker, or professional development? I do those things, too! Please reach out so we can chat. 

Image by Marcus Wallis

Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.

- Stephen Moss

Hi! It's nice to meet you.

My name is Emily, but I also go by Nature Emily or Emily Owl. I am a nature-based early childhood educator with a passion for connecting children and their families to nature. Looking under logs, singing in the woods, acting wild, and taking long nature walks are some of my favorite things. My greatest passion, however, is helping you, your family, and your community connect deeply with nature. 

Join me as a navigate raising my own nature baby and share the tips, resources, ideas, and support you need to nurture your own budding naturalist. 

I am also a

Mama - naturalist - advocate - homesteader - supporter of play - gardener - nature mentor - amateur taxidermist - bird enthusiast - wife - curiosity follower

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Thanks for being in my community!

I balance administration, community, time learning and playing outside, and other employment. I am also a Mama to a young child, whose needs and attachment are still deeply connected to me. My daughter accompanies me to (and sometimes participates in) my work and I do my best to balance meeting everyone's needs. Thank you for joining me in working towards a culture that supports and uplifts working mothers and the re-prioritization of a balanced life. 

Based in Shohola, PA


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I acknowledge that I live, work, and play on stolen land. The original peoples of what's now called Pennsylvania, as well as the rest of this continent, were wrongfully & forcibly removed from their lands. I understand that Native Americans are still here; my Host Nation peoples, the Munsee Lenape, are still here. I offer deep condolences to the past, present, and future Indigenous peoples who experienced harm at the hands of my ancestors and other colonizers and for the systemic racism they still experience today. I promise to do my best as an ally and support my Host Nation and all Indigenous peoples with my actions. I recognize this statement is just the first step and commit myself to continue to grow and work towards reparations and healing. 

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